Religion Around the World

Soldiers on horses in front of a cross.Religion has been around since the earliest days of mankind. All over the world, throughout history, people have subscribed to different beliefs involving different rites, practices, and theology. Regardless of what your personal beliefs may be, it can be fascinating to study some of the most widely followed religious groups. There is an entire history and culture behind religions that have deep meaning in the everyday lives of those who follow them. Some can't believe how others can have such faith in their lives. Studying others' belief systems may help to bring understanding and respect for different religions and cultures around the world.

There is a plethora of different religions that are practiced all over the world, but most believers fall under certain categories of major world religions, of which there are just a handful. Religions can be classified as monotheistic, meaning a belief in one god, while polytheistic means a belief in many gods. There are other religious classifications as well. Historic templeEach of the major religions has several different branches or sects, each with their own specific sets of beliefs and doctrine. For example, Christianity is followed by roughly 30% of the world's population, but within Christianity you have different groups like Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Mormons, and Protestants, just to name a few.

Some of the other major religious groups in the world today, in addition to Christianity, include Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. Many followers of certain religions are centered in one part of the globe, but as these are worldwide religions their followers can be found in many diverse locations. Oftentimes religious belief is tied heavily into culture and society, so these religions have all had a major impact on people throughout the world. Agnosticism and atheism, though not necessarily considered religions, also have a fairly large number of adherents.

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